ij13_girl_j_3Yes, indeed, the author is a red-haired girl…

…although, I guess I’m not really a girl any more. I have been in education since 1970. Good grief, how can that be? It seems like I just started my career yesterday. I believe that’s one of the wonderful things about being around young children every day, it keeps us young too. It’s sort of like Peter Pan’s Neverland. We never have to grow up. Seeing life through the eyes of a child is truly a blessing, isn’t it?
My name is Jennifer, but my family calls me Jennie Liz. I am retired and living in Hinesville, Georgia. I have taught Kindergarten, first grade, second grade, fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade, and college. For six years I served in the capacity of media specialist, which was a wonderfully difficult job. I spent 13 years as an Academic Specialist at an elementary school and ended my career as the system’s Director of Research and Accountability.  I am so blessed to have never had a job, but rather a JOY.
I have started my own consulting firm and stay busy working as a school improvement specialist. I moonlight as an American primitive folk artist, and derive great pleasure from my craft. Between my technology and my painting, I get in touch with the right side and the left side of my brain at least occasionally!

Recently I have begun blogging. You can visit my blog, Chalk Dust and Dreams; I hope you will enjoy what you find and stay a while.  I have also been sharing some of what I know on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Drop in and check it out.  Somehow, it seems important to share a lifetime of learning as an educator. I feel compelled to pay it forward to a bright new generation of passionate teachers.

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