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We are all navigating through uncharted waters! Schools are closed, teachers are scrambling to provide students with meaningful lessons that can be done at home, and parents are trying to figure out how to support their child and the teacher as lessons are completed at home. In addition to the shift to schooling at home, there is the fear of contracting coronavirus as well as the economic stress going on.

I am posting things that are free and intended to help parents make this all more manageable. Check out these new items at Chalk Dust & Dreams!

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I love coming back after winter holidays to a room that is all freshened up and ready to welcome my students.  It doesn’t take much…nice clean desk tags, a calendar set, new schedule cards, new attendance cards, and maybe some nice new learning center activities like these.

This is the time of year when I want to focus on students and standards, not decorating.  That’s why I came up with this “My Room’s Ready!” set of resources; they are ready to copy and go.  

So, check out these fun items for a Happy New Year and a Happy Fresh Start!

Here at the Hollow I have been busy gathering resources for classroom teachers and homeschoolers to use with children during this wonderful season of Winter holidays. I love that I get to experience the magic through the eyes of children! I am always trying to capture the magic and infuse it into my teaching. This gentle season of kindness and joy allows us to focus on building positive character traits while having a lot of fun at the same time. I just love that I can “hide” the learning behind something the kids really enjoy doing. So, check out the Christmas Shop at Chalk Dust & Dreams! In the meantime, Happy Teaching and Happy Holidays!

I have been busy adding new products for Thanksgiving…my most favorite holiday. These fun resources allow me to tap into happy memories I have of this warm and gentle time of year.

Check out these and other fun products at Chalk Dust & Dreams!

Click here to visit the Autumn Page at Chalk Dust and Dreams! Here are some of the things you will find!

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This trifold is a versatile product that is easy to use and ready to go; all you need to do is print and fold. It is small and can tuck easily into a book bag for homework, can be used as morning work for several days, or can function as fill-in work when students finish early. 

This portable thinking trifold has reading, math problem solving, vocabulary, and writing activities all on one compact sheet of paper. Just run pages 2 and 3 back-to-back and fold!

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I want to help you organize so that you can focus your time and energy on students and standards. These ready-to-use positive notes will make sending good news home so easy! Parents will really appreciate the fact that you have taken a moment to focus on their child. It takes no time at all to fill in a child’s name and send home one of these happy-grams!

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Are you looking for a fun way to actively engage students in their own learning? This flexible set of math challenges is intended to get students thinking and problem solving; it can be used as morning work, homework, team work, or “I finished early” work. Remember, it is okay for students to struggle. We all struggle with life’s problems and therefore this is good preparation for real life! 


What is included in this packet?

This research-based activity is a gateway for students to use real world mathematical thinking and skills as they: investigate, organize thinking, report findings, and share what they have discovered. Included are:

  • Cover
  • Five multi-step word problems, each with a space for the student to show work and a space for the student to explain their thinking.
  • Answer key
  • Credits pages

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These easy to use hall passes are ready to go. Print them on card stock, punch a hole at the top and run yarn through the hole. You’ve got two passes to the restroom, two passes to the office, two passes to the media center, and two open passes that let you can fill in a location or leave it blank.

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I love Autumn and enjoy experiencing this joy-filled season through the eyes of my students. I hope you will enjoy this ready-to-use packet of items that make this colorful, exciting season stress-free for the teacher and fun for the students. Here’s what is included:

  • Morning Morning Math Problems (5 days)
  • Autumn Hall Passes
  • Autumn Comprehension Activity
  • Autumn TriFold Tasks
  • Autumn Happy-Grams

  Johnny Appleseed Cross-Curricular Unit

I love teaching a unit about Johnny Appleseed. It is a perfect fit with my Back-to-School/apple unit and it also meshes perfectly with my “Kindness Counts” initiative. In my opinion, he is just a lovable folk hero.

This packet has a variety of things to do that bring math, history, reading, science, cooperative learning, and word work together into a common theme. I always end the unit with an apple festival. We make applesauce, drink apple juice, sample apple pie, run apple relay races, and much more.

I know you will enjoy making this unit part of your back-to-school fun!

Happy Birthday Cards

Your students love to be recognized by you! A simple birthday card slipped into their homework pack means a LOT! I like to punch a hole in the corner and tie it onto a pencil or a coupon for no homework. These cards are ready to print and file so they will be ready to send when the time comes

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