Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

FACES…When children first begin to express themselves through art, the biggest element of the person they draw is the face. Why? Because that is most important to them! Yes, from the time we are born, we respond to the faces around us. I often wonder why I respond so warmly to some faces.  I think it is because when those faces appear in my line of vision, I feel like I belong. Some faces just make me feel loved and safe; those faces belong to the people in my life who bring me joy.  

Faces are the canvas of our soul, our emotional billboard. Emotions don’t happen in isolation. My emotions are a direct result of my connections with those around me. If my best friend forgets my birthday, I feel sad. When my child gets a promotion, I feel proud. If one of my students masters a difficult task, I feel joy. But my emotions are not one-sided, not just about me responding to those around me. I want others to respond to me too!

And I am not alone…social media exists because we want to share our feelings with others. Glance through those posts, pics, and tweets on your device. What do you see? I see a collection of events my friends hope I will react to. I know when I share something, I check back to see how many “likes” or “retweets” I have. Somehow, lots of “likes” validate my feelings. 

When I think about my emotions…joy, disdain, grief, excitement…each is reflected in my facial expression, which in turn impacts those around me. So, my face and my expression plays a big part in how my life unfolds. My children, my friends, my students, my pets all look carefully at my face to get feedback on how they are doing. It doesn’t cost anything to smile, and the reward is great. Have you realized that it is almost impossible not to return a smile you are given? Try it. Then take a moment to think about the faces you love and celebrate the joy they bring to your life. Indeed, we are richly blessed. 

Author: Jennifer C. Walts, Ed.D.

I am a retired educator and School Improvement Specialist.

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