Lucky Me!

I want to share my excitement at winning a free logo from Ashley McCulloch, the creator of ThistleGirl Designs. I am a member of her website and use her clipart almost exclusively in my work with Chalk Dust and Apples.  She creates clipart that is multicultural, and that is very important to me.  I think it is critical for young students to see themselves reflected in the displays around the classroom.  

Anyway, I was sooooo excited to win her free logo and she didn’t disappoint.  It has been a wonderful collaboration and I am very pleased with the end result.  She provided me a couple of banners and a small logo to use in my products.  

So, thank you so much, Ashley!  I will proudly display the logo everywhere.  

Author: Jennifer C. Walts, Ed.D.

I am a retired educator and School Improvement Specialist.

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